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Ann Althouse’s response regarding Maureen Dowd’s crush on William F. Buckley for his sesquipedalian facility.

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Krugman and Dowd have, since 9/11, seemed utterly terrified by an event that didn’t fit their worldview and which forced them to depend upon people they hated for their safety and security.

Rather like teenagers who hate that they actually need their stupid, out-of-touch parents, and must constantly howl about it to their friends, who join in because they realize they’re supposed to hate their parents, too.

It strikes me that Krugman is, in his own way, taking an ironic stand against the dictatorship of relativism that our pope so frequently decries.  After a lifetime of suggesting that there are many kinds of truth, Krugman is now asserting that there is only ONE truth, and it is absolute. And it is his.

Elizabeth Scalia

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