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From The Wall Street Journal:

Late Friday afternoon, naturally, the Obama Administration formally conceded that it had shut down one of the Affordable Care Act’s major new entitlement programs. The Department of Health and Human Services had already closed down the office in charge of creating this insurance program for long-term care last month. But HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s act of fiscal damage control is still a welcome if overdue admission that ObamaCare’s claims of deficit reduction were always an illusion.

Plus this:

During the health-care debate Washington insisted on treating CBO’s cost estimates as if God Himself had carved them into stone tablets, but as Class’s mercy killing shows all they proved was that Democrats were good at manipulating its assumptions and synthetic budget conventions. HHS’s own experts were warning Democrats all along that Class was a fiscal time bomb, so including it in the bill was a special act of fiscal corruption.

Ms. Sebelius contended yesterday that ObamaCare will still “reduce the deficit,” and we’re eagerly anticipating the day when reality forces her to dump that falsehood too.

Jennifer Rubin agrees:

To say that this is an embarrassment for the gang in the White House and the Democratic congressional leadership, who we already knew could not shoot straight, would be a gross understatement. The failure of CLASS, predicted by conservatives, sprang from the Democrats’ insistence to pass some “historic” health-care bill, any such bill, and deal with the consequences later. Well, later is now.

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Michael Barone:

Nevertheless, none of the current candidates outperforms the generic “Republican candidate.” The seven weeks ahead provide an opportunity for one or more Republican candidates to improve their standing not only among Republican primary and caucus voters but among the general electorate as well.

Plus this:

But Perry’s support could prove just as evanescent as Romney’s. He is out of step with conservative orthodoxy on one important issue, immigration, just as Romney is on the individual mandate in his Massachusetts health care plan.

Newsflash to Republicans:  Perry’s no shoo-in.  The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin seems to be one of the few conservatives reporting on his weaknesses.


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