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Handicapping the GOP Debate

Karl Rove:

At this point four years ago, Rudy Giuliani led the GOP field with 28%, trailed by former Sen. Fred Thompson at 23% and John McCain at 15%, with everyone else in single digits. When the dust finally cleared, neither Messrs. Giuliani nor Thompson was a serious contender—and Govs. Romney and Mike Huckabee pressed Mr. McCain hard before he prevailed. All of which means the 2012 Republican sweepstakes is far from over.

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Clearly it was CNN.  Congratulations to Wolf Blitzer and the network’s crew for (finally) staging a debate that let Republican voters gauge the candidates further.

The format was crisp and clear, with no sermonizing from media talking heads.  The questions were aimed toward what the primary electorate (i.e., Republicans) wanted to hear.

The primary process is ongoing.  It doesn’t matter who “wins” this debate or that, or who wins particular straw or other polls.  The electorate is more intelligent than pundits who constantly – through snapshots – pick winners and losers.  Voters have months to decide who they will support.  Tonight’s debate is just one way in which they will do that.

There are too many in the media that merely pick daily winners and losers, rather than performing serious analysis of candidates’ platforms and leadership history.  Newsflash:  It’s called “vetting”.  And that’s what primary voters want to do during the months that precede an election.

The media should have learned this lesson after their lack of such during the Obama campaign.

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Live Blogging the GOP Debate

And, an abrupt ending.  Kind of strange, really.  Brian Williams says, that’s all folks.  Don’t think I can watch the MSNBC recap.


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