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Mitt Romney Takes on the Unions

Through his website Obama Isn’t Working.  Good for him.  America is ready.  It will be interesting to see this come up in tonight’s debate on CNN.

Your move, Gov. Perry.


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Michael Barone:

Nevertheless, none of the current candidates outperforms the generic “Republican candidate.” The seven weeks ahead provide an opportunity for one or more Republican candidates to improve their standing not only among Republican primary and caucus voters but among the general electorate as well.

Plus this:

But Perry’s support could prove just as evanescent as Romney’s. He is out of step with conservative orthodoxy on one important issue, immigration, just as Romney is on the individual mandate in his Massachusetts health care plan.

Newsflash to Republicans:  Perry’s no shoo-in.  The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin seems to be one of the few conservatives reporting on his weaknesses.


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