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Mark Penn:

Barack Obama is careening down the wrong path towards re-election.

He should be working as a president, not a candidate.

He should be claiming the vital center, not abandoning it.

He should be holding down taxes rather than raising them.

He should be mastering the global economy, not running away from it.

And most of all, he should be bringing the country together rather than dividing it through class warfare.

When Al Gore faced a close presidential race in 2000, he abandoned running on peace and prosperity in favor of the people vs. the powerful, only to see his lead evaporate. When John Kerry was facing a tough race in 2004, he spent the last few months after the convention tacking to the left on the Iraq war and other issues to stimulate the base, only to fall even farther behind.

But when Bill Clinton was facing the fight of his political life in his 1996 re-election, he got rid of all the class warfare language used by traditional Democrats, got behind welfare reform and the balanced budget, and supported a strong, activist government that spent and taxed less rather than more. As a result, Clinton trounced the Republican nominee and was the first Democrat to serve a full eight years since Roosevelt. And the country got behind the president.

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From The New York Times:

The dismal state of the economy is the main reason many companies are reluctant to hire workers, and few executives are saying that President Obama’s jobs plan — while welcome — will change their minds any time soon.

That sentiment was echoed across numerous industries by executives in companies big and small on Friday, underscoring the challenge for the Obama administration as it tries to encourage hiring and perk up the moribund economy.

The plan failed to generate any optimism on Wall Street as the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index and the Dow Jones industrial average each fell about 2.7 percent.

As President Obama faced an uphill battle in Congress to win support even for portions of the plan, many employers dismissed the notion that any particular tax break or incentive would be persuasive.  Instead, they said they tended to hire more workers or expand when the economy improved.

It’s been said many times before, but there’s a disconnect between this article and the Times‘ editorial board, which said this yesterday:

. . . at $447 billion, the plan is large enough to potentially lower the unemployment rate and broad enough to be a significant stimulus. . . We hope Mr. Obama keeps his promise to take his proposals all over the country.  The need to act is urgent.

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Rove hits the nail on the head, although “pathological arrogance” may have been a more appropriate adjective. President Obama’s “sheeple” will follow his head bouncing from teleprompter to teleprompter salivating over the thought of having faster trains than China, while the rest of us live in fear of the CFL police raiding our homes. Where is Ronald Reagan when you need him.

You should read this article right away. Right away. Read this right away. You should read this right away.


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Pass. This. Jobs. Bill.

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Comprehensive List of Obama Tax Hikes

Which one destroys the most jobs?

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Wow.  That’s it?  That’s what we’ve been waiting for?  Sounded like a campaign speech.  Lots of condescending tone.  Tax the rich!  Spend!

I don’t remember hearing the word “stimulus”.  Pass this and pass it now!  Everything will be paid for, but not a lot of detailed explanation.  Another plan coming a week from Monday!

Let’s see the plan, Mr President.  Let’s analyze the plan.  There were a few bi-partisan bits given (payroll tax cuts, new hire tax cuts), but overall not very impressive, and there’s really no plan!  By the way, where’s the budget?

Before the speech, the news anchor said the White House predicted it would last 48 minutes without applause.  My estimate is that it lasted a bit more than 30 minutes with applause.  What gives?  Did the President expect more applause than he got?  Also, what’s with yet another warning about a “credible terrorist threat” for NYC and Washington DC?  It was released again immediately after the speech.  Hmm.  I’m just sayin’.

This isn’t the speech the President needed to kick off Campaign 2012.  He’s toast.  Donesky.

All he did was to draw the line in the sand.  If Congress does’t pass it, it’s not his fault.  That’s leadership?  Another speech, a higher level of urgency.  It’s the first time I’ve really heard seen such focus on small business.  Where were you two years ago?

The measures he talked about may indeed help the economy and there are some things he said that may be passed by the Republicans, but alas, it will hardly move the dial.  Obama’s recommendations won’t accelerate the recovery by much.

The painful de-leveraging — and the effects thereof — of citizens, municipalities, states, and the nation is obviously beyond the President’s understanding.

One final note:  The President has finally acknowledged that the economy, in fact, is not improving.  This speech should have been given a year ago.

We’ll see.  Let’s watch football! (Live blog after the break)


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