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From Duane Lester:

The local media was outside of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU Local 21) offices in Longview, Washington gathering interviews and b-roll.

Here’s what happened when one of the union members, who said his name was “F*ck You C*cksucker,” came outside to discuss their possible trespassing (caution, rough language in video):


Plus this from Warner Todd Huston:

After months of accusations that it is the Tea Party movement that is somehow “dangerous” to America, much of such rhetoric coming from union members and their supporters, we get union members of the Longshoremen storming the Port of Longview, Washington taking hostages, destroying property, and generally acting like lawless thugs.

And don’t forget that while all of this was happening, the union’s president, Richard Trumka, was listening to Obama’s jobs address as an invited guest of the President.

It’s rough out there, but you shouldn’t be surprised to learn there’s a lot at stake.  According to the Daily Caller:

Longshoremen are among the best-paid blue collar workers in the country, partly because of union-negotiated contracts. Longshoremen with 10 years’ of experience earn roughly $30 per hour, according to payscale.com, a website that tracks typical salaries across various U.S. careers.

Wages for East Coat longshoremen are moderate because of competition among ports. But nearly all West Coast dock-workers are part of the ILWU, which uses its monopoly to boost wages for its members.

In 2007, average annual full-time wages for 15,000 workers at 29 West Coast ports topped $136,000, according to the Pacific Maritime Association, which negotiates and administers contracts between ports and the ILWU. Longshoremen earned an average of more than $125,000, clerks more than $145,000 and foremen more than $200,000.

Workers also get benefits packages worth $50,000 per year, according to the association’s 2007 report.

Plus this:

When The Daily Caller visited the ILWU’s downtown Washington, D.C., headquarters, a woman who worked in the union’s office said no ILWU staffers were there and no one could answer any questions.

Unsatisfied and not believing the young woman, TheDC rang the doorbell on the union office’s locked door, which had no windows. ILWU legislative director Lindsay McLaughlin opened the door and asked, “Can I help you?”

TheDC responded by asking if he would comment on the threats, the physical and verbal attacks, and the disparaging, vitriolic rhetoric his union member used in the video. McLaughlin promptly slammed the door in TheDC’s face, refusing to answer any questions.



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