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Investors Business Daily shines the light on The Black Caucus.

Founded in 1971 by 13 civil-rights leaders as “the conscience of the Congress,” the caucus has strayed far from its original mission. Now boasting 42 politicians — including some of the most radical and unethical in Congress — it chiefly serves its own interests.

Its lavish annual gala is an unseemly shakedown of corporate donors unwittingly funding a war chest for Marxist causes. While the living conditions of average African-Americans worsen, this elite black power club has empowered and enriched its own.

The group has become an embarrassment not just to the black community and the civil-rights legacy it deigns to uphold, but the Democratic Party from which it draws almost all of its members. It should be disbanded. Here’s a bill of indictment.

And here’s something I learned regarding the disaster called Dodd-Frank:

While under investigation, Waters got a provision added to the Dodd-Frank act exempting minority-owned banks from the new oversight. She also inserted an amendment creating 20 offices of “minority inclusion” at financial agencies including the Federal Reserve. The new diversity cops will enforce minority hiring quotas for regulators.

Very un-politically correct.  Fair assessment?  Read the whole thing and you be the judge.


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